Kirky is Home of the Phone Box

As one of our current projects, YourKirky now have access to three iconic K9 phone boxes that are in
urgent need of a new lease of life, but we don’t know what people would like to see done with
As a bit of guidance, people are turning phone boxes into all sorts of things across the UK, the limit is
really the imagination. That said, at our recent public meeting we agreed that in Kirky they should
have a wider community benefit, and that we should consult with people on some options.
You might know some of them already. There’s one currently looking a bit sad outside Farmfoods,
another looking lonely near Smiths Hotel and a third itching to get out and play currently in store
(possibly to be located in Regent Gardens).
At this stage it’s just about deciding what to do. When we’ve got some ideas we will still need to find
funding and renovate them. But we’d also welcome people to get involved and help brighten up the
town. For further details on all our projects and contact details go to

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