1. Welcome to the GAINS (General Aviation Improved Navigation and Surveillance) Survey

The General Aviation Improvements in Navigation and Surveillance (GAINS) project is a project funded by the SESAR 2020 programme.  It is a Very-Large-Scale Demonstration of some aviation technologies not yet widely deployed.

GAINS is a two year project and the consortium is AOPA-UK, Helios (UK), Pildo Labs (Spain), Trig (UK) and Funke Avionics (Germany). 

We’re seeking the participation of pilots (with aircraft or access to aircraft) who wish to fly the demonstration flights, and, through this survey, we would like to receive expressions of interest in participating.  It’s important to us that we get a broad range of pilot and aircraft capabilities.  We’ll use the survey to ensure this, so we’ll be looking for experienced and less qualified/experienced pilots, as well as aircraft with a range of different capabilities, so there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the survey.

The demonstrations fall into two work streams, and you can express interest in participating in one or the other or both:


Flying a number of unusual instrument approach procedures accurately. An instrument qualification (including IMC rating/ IR(R)) will generally be necessary for pilots, though we may accept a few pilots training for these ratings.  


Participating in operations at GA aerodromes where situational awareness is enhanced by using equipment that displays the positions of other aircraft (electronic conspicuity or “EC”). Portable cockpit EC equipment will be provided.  If your aircraft already has suitable EC equipment, this can also be used.

All our activities will be undertaken in VMC under VFR with safety pilot. The navigation element will be flown as simulated instrument flight (i.e. under the hood or with foggles).

These activities will take place at an aerodrome within one hour's flight from the South East region, UK.

Expected timescales (indicative)

Flight trials: March - September 2019
1st Phase of trials: October - December 2018
2nd Phase of trials: March - September 2019

ReImbursement of costs

Subject to appropriate permission from the UK CAA, GAINS will reimburse the operating costs of flights (including flights to reach the participating airfields) for all participating pilots (including PPLs).  We may do this, for example, by paying for fuel for participating aircraft.  In some cases, we may propose upgrades for aircraft equipment to participate, in which case the GAINS project would pay a proportion of the upgrade cost.

What to do next

If you are a private pilot interested in participating, please reply to this survey, if possible by 30 October 2018.  We aim to select initial participants in late October/November 2018, but subject to the number of volunteers, will be interested in expressions of interest after those dates to add pilots and aircraft to the demonstrations.

If you are an organisation (e.g. flight training organisation, flying club, aerial work operator) with multiple aircraft or have any questions about this survey please contact us.

The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete.  Details of your avionics and a photo of your panel will be required in order to complete the survey, photos can be submitted via email afterwards if preferred. 

Thank you for your participation!