How well have we supported your child and you?

* 1. When you first made contact with the Saying Goodbye Project, was the response you received helpful?

* 2. What was the main issue or problem the child/young person had?

* 3. Did the child or young person find the support they received to be beneficial in managing their grief?

* 4. In what way has this support been beneficial - how have they changed?

* 5. How useful was the assessment interview (for parents/carers)

* 8. How helpful and supportive did you and the child or young person find the overall service given by the Saying Goodbye Project?

* 9. How satisfactory were the waiting times for you and your child?

* 10. Any other comments you would like to make about the Saying Goodbye Project?
Please let us know if you are happy for your feedback to be passed on to the person who gave the support and if it could be used to promote our service anonymously.