About this survey

ESPA is due for completion in March 2018. As we are getting close to the end of a long journey, we are keen to capture our shared learning so that it does not get lost and can be useful to other programmes, funders, researchers and partners. This survey is a first step in our effort to pull together learning. At the end of the survey, you'll be given a choice of other ways in which you can contribute to this initiative. 

We have identified three key areas of programmatic learning: 
- Research with development impact: how 'impactful' has ESPA-funded research been? What factors have contributed to (or hampered) impact? What have been the challenges? What lessons can be learned? 
- Interdisciplinarity: to what extent have ESPA-funded projects managed to transcend disciplinary boundaries? What challenges have been encountered? What lessons can be learned?
- Partnership: how have North/South partnerships functioned in the context of the ESPA projects? What have been the challenges? How have ESPA projects managed to establish partnerships and co-produce research beyond academia? What lessons can be learned?

The survey is organised according to these three key areas. However, no question is mandatory, and you can decide to skip any question or set of questions. We have estimated that you can complete this survey in about 20 minutes (it may be more depending on how much you write in the comments boxes!). 

Please fill in the survey with regard to ONE specific project. If you have been involved with more than one ESPA project, please start by replying with regard to what you consider your most significant engagement. 

Answers will be anonymised in the analysis and there will be no attribution of responses or quotes. 

Ready? Let’s get started!
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