Thank you very much for participating in Sustain's short (10 mins max) survey to get an understanding of how London boroughs are providing food for vulnerable people and supporting vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 crisis.
We're asking about the following 3 areas of food provision:
  • Older people
  • Free School Meals (including school caterers)
  • Key workers, Community groups and food businesses/growers
Don't worry about answering all the questions - answer what you can
We appreciate that you are all very busy right now and working in a fast changing environment where you may not have access to all the answers right away. So we are taking these answers as evolving for now. Please answer what you can now, skip as many answers as necessary and send this survey on to others in your borough who can answer other questions. And please do check back in to answer questions and update us if and when things change in your borough.
Why are we asking you this?
At Sustain, we are working with the GLA’s food team and other food organisations to look at what is going on in London to ensure vulnerable groups have access to food. We are asking you to complete this survey to get a better understanding of how things are going in your borough so that we can:

  1. Raise the issues you are facing with national government, the GLA and local organisations
  2. Share good practice with other boroughs to help them to improve their services
  3. Advocate for solutions to support you better

Any questions?

If you have any questions or you'd rather chat this through over the phone/virtual meeting, please email Fran Bernhardt on
If you have any questions about food for older people, please email Morven Oliver-Larkin on