We would like to design our service to improve communications. It would help us if we could find out how you would prefer to manage your appointments at the practice.

These questions apply to managing appointments for all the clinicians including the GPs, Nurses, Health Care Assistants and the Practice Pharmacist.

The surgery already offers access to a wide variety of ways to communicate - but there are other methods that may be available in the future.

Question Title

* 1. There are different ways you can 'queue' when you phone, please choose your preferred method of queuing.

Question Title

* 2. Indicate how comfortable you would be using the following methods to contact the surgery to book routine appintments

  I would not or could not use this method I would use this method This is my preferred method
Phone and speak to the receptionist
Use the online booking system
Use an automated phone booking system
Go to the surgery

Question Title

* 3. When you contact reception about an appointment or a health concern, which of the following skills of our receptionist do you use?

  I did not know this was a reception service I knew this was a service of reception but have not used it This is my main reason for contacting reception
Telling me about alternative services (such as self referral for Physiotherapy, continence assessments and talking therapies)
The receptionist asks me what time of day is best for me?
They offer different ways of managing my enquiry (telephone consultation / message / appointment)
I am offered the option of an appointment during extended opening hours (Tuesday and Thursday until 7:15)
They can suggest the most appropriate person / clinician to manage my concern
They give me realistic timescales (e.g. When my prescription will be ready)