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Dear Colleague,

June 1st – June 7th is Volunteers Week and we would like you to help us celebrate by putting forward names for our highly successful and entertaining awards ceremony. This year we are holding an online event on Tuesday7th June at 6.30pm and the winners will receive a "wee surprise" at there place of volunteering or their home. 

There are 6 categories you can choose to nominate volunteers in but please do not nominate an individual in more than one category. All entries will be judged by an independent panel of judges from both the Voluntary and Public Sector.

The Categories are:
  • Health and Wellbeing (volunteers engaged in health and social care, including support work, befriending, green health activities and sports)
  • Young Volunteer (aged between 12-25 years)
  • Food Sustainability Volunteer (volunteers who have helped ensure that members of the community have enough food (e.g Larders, community gardens, allotments)
  • Support to the Community Volunteers (This award is to recognise those volunteers who offer advice, information, counselling and support to assist people with life’s problems and issues)
  • Volunteer Team (an outstanding team of volunteers)
  • Environmental and Hertitage Volunteer (heritage groups who volunteer to enrich our local cultural and artistic life and those people who go out of their way to litterpick, recycle, reuse and repurpose)
Below is the criteria for nominating any volunteers:
• The Awards are open to people volunteering in North Ayrshire
• Volunteers must have volunteered for at least three months with your organisation prior to being nominated
• If they have previously been a winner of an award category before they should not be nominated again
• Only fully completed nominations will be considered for individuals

Please complete by Wednesday 11th May 2022