Resident survey

Kirkby Malham Parish Council is looking to develop a Visitor Traffic Management Plan for Malham. The Plan will make recommendations to address the current traffic and parking issues faced by both visitors and residents in Malham, being mindful of the needs of residents and businesses, while also supporting the desire to welcome visitors to the area.

This questionnaire aims to gather information on residents’ travel patterns and needs as well as their views on possible options to address the traffic and parking issues.

Please complete this questionnaire if you are a resident of Malham, Kirkby Malham or Malhamdale. Separate questionnaires are available for local businesses/employees and visitors to the area.
If you require any additional information or support, please contact:
  • Helene Vergereau: or 07803 259372 or
  • Francesca Buckley: or 07799 090226

6% of survey complete.