The council is currently consulting on its draft Growth Strategy. The strategy sets out the Council’s role and its priorities for regeneration, development and business, employment and skills activity between 2019 and 2030, to address three key principles: 
  1. It should seek to shape the changes to local places across the borough; including focusing resources on providing support to the places most in need of investment.
  2. There is a need to increase housing supply and deliver associated infrastructure for our growing population; including ensuring delivery of homes people can afford.
  3. It should capitalise on demand for development, and ensure the benefits of growth are maximised for residents; including helping the council to meet savings targets.
The strategy covers five themes with 21 associated objectives that together provide a framework for how the council will address regeneration and development in the borough: 

  1. A growing borough
  2. A connected borough
  3. An entrepreneurial borough
  4. A borough of thriving town centres
  5. A great borough to live in and visit


We have also considered how growth will differ according to the character of the borough and how it is likely to translate in different places.  We are therefore considering the priorities for growth differently across three distinct areas: West, Centre, and East of the borough. 

We will be preparing an action plan for how the borough can support growth and maximise the benefits for residents, and this questionnaire seeks to hear the views of residents, as well as businesses, community and voluntary organisations and secure feedback to inform and shape the delivery plan.  Your input on this questionnaire will inform that action plan.
Further information on the strategy is provided within this questionnaire; which is structured in three parts: (i) themes and objectives, (ii) place approach and priorities, (iii) questions about you, so we ensure that we consider feedback from all stakeholders and communities.
You can view the full draft Growth Strategy by clicking here.

The questionnaire will take up to 15 minutes to complete the multiple-choice questions.  In addition, we’ve included open-ended comment boxes with each set of questions should you wish to provide more specific or detailed feedback.

Thank you for your time – your participation in this consultation is greatly appreciated.

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