Dear Neighbours,

As you may be aware of a Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum has been established by local people to develop together with local residents, organisation and businesses as well as landowners a Neighbourhood Plan for Grove Park. 

About a year ago, we invited widely to Grove Park 2030 Vision Day. Since then, we have received some more funding from Central Government and can now make further progress on our plan. In the spring, we would like to start writing up some of our key planning policies and local projects. Before we do that though, we would like to check with as many local people as possible to what extent our work to date on objectives and vision is hitting the mark and if we perhaps have forgotten something. 

Please take this short survey. It will take less than 5 minutes and provide us with your feedback. We really need you to help us making the plan! We will send out invitations to the next Community Planning Workshop with AGM early in the new year. 

Many thanks in advance,   

Stephen Kenny, Chair of Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum

PS: We are always looking for new members to sign up to get involved in making our Neighbourhood Plan. If you leave us your email or postal address towards the end of the survey, we will contact you shortly with the link to our website.
Everyone who lives or works in the Neighbourhood Forum area is invited to become a member and we want as many people as possible to join in our activities, as we try to shape Grove Park's future.