Welcome to our thriving life questionnaire

Do you strive for a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life? Would you like well-functioning relationships that inspire you to be your best self?

I invented the Grid work-life balance framework and method in response to having a life that lacked healthy balance. As it turns out, many of us find it a challenge to meet life's demands without sacrificing our health, relationships, and even our core sense of purpose. But is this really the only way to succeed? We think not. In fact, we believe there is a better way!

All great journeys of change start with knowing where to focus. This is where the Grid Life Satisfaction Quiz can really help.

The Grid Life Satisfaction Quiz takes around 15 minutes to complete and will:

1. Help you identify where your key satisfaction comes from so you can really look after it well.
2. Reveal what you tend to prioritize the most either from habit or need.
3. Help you begin to understand the impact of where you put most of your attention may have on other key areas of your life.
4. Give you an opportunity to pinpoint specific improvements you desire.
5. Remind you of the support mechanisms you already have around you that you can reach to do well and be well.
6. Add clarity and focus to how you manage and steer your life in a way that feels meaningful and satisfying.
7. Provide you with a self-coaching opportunity to identify immediate actions that will help improve on what is.

Many people tell us that completing this quiz was worthwhile as it propelled them to make immediate positive changes. It's how we designed it and we wish you similar gems!

Please note that the quiz does not offer respondents the opportunity to print their responses. If this is something that you would value, we recommend making notes as you go along in a way that you find useful or downloading this LifeGridQuizPDF from us to assist you in note-taking.

Finally, a note on privacy. The quiz is anonymous and our data set is not shared with any third parties. The key goal of collecting responses over time is for us to improve products and, by extension, lives. The aggregate research data is also useful in creating research-based figures for our article and/or in our training.

Thank you for contributing.
Magdalena Bak-Maier (Grid Creator) and the MTC Team