1. Basic Facts and Figures

First of all, thank you. We know that you have a busy life and filling in our questionnaire is taking up your valuable time so we want you to know that we really appreciate you doing this.

We set up the Relationships Academy in part because we want to support leaders in their marriages and also help them to have a positive impact on other couples. In order to do this, we need insight into what leaders would find helpful and that’s where you come in.

We’ve designed the following questionnaire to help us discover more about the challenges of marriage and leadership and to understand more about what would help you in your relationship and also in your leadership role.

Your answers will be kept confidential. You will have a choice at the end if you want to give us your name and contact details to enter our prize draw for a £100 gift voucher and/or to sign up for our free newsletter but this is by no means necessary.

Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. It will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to answer and we hope that it will be a useful exercise in reflecting on your own marriage and leadership context.

NB: If completing the survey on a phone you will be able to complete it much quicker if you rotate your phone horizontally (landscape).

With our thanks
Sarah and David Abell, Guy and Tania West

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