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We are a human rights charity called the British Institute of Human Rights.

We sometimes shorten our name to ‘BIHR’.

We want to know what you think about government consultations in the UK. We explain what these are below.

We will write a report about people’s views on government consultations.

Government consultations are when state bodies like the government, local authorities or NHS hospitals ask for your views on something which they have the power to change.

You could be asked what you think about a new law or policy. For example, a few months ago the UK government did a consultation about changes it wants to make to the Mental Health Act.

You could also be asked about a current law or policy to find out if any changes should be made.

There are lots of ways consultations might work. It could be a survey, a meeting or an event to share your views, or questions which you can write longer answers to.

In this survey, we will ask what you think about government consultations in the UK.

You can fill in this survey if you have taken part in a government consultation in the UK, or if you have wanted to take part in one but you weren’t able to.

If you can’t fill in this survey but you want to tell us what you think about government consultations, you can do this in other ways. For example...
  • Come to a workshop in September. Click here to book your place.
  • Email us to talk about different ways to take part. Our email address is info@bihr.org.uk
  • Make a short video telling us what you think about government consultations and send it to us.
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