* 1. Was this your first time visiting Gourock Highland Games?

* 3. If you had not visited the Gourock Highland Games what would you have most likely done instead?

* 4. Where did you find out about the Gourock Highland Games? (tick all that apply)

* 5. How would you rate the overall quality of your experience at Gourock Highland Games?

* 6. How would you rate each of the following about today's event?

  Very good Good Average Poor Very poor
Mini Highland Games
Highland Games/Heavy athletes
Food and drink retailers
Vintage fire engines
Field of Sport
Children's entertainment
Pipe Band Competition
Highland Dance Championships
Community corner/marquee
Other activities available in Battery Park (eg skatepark/children's play area)

* 7. How much were these events a reason in deciding to attend the Gourock Highland Games at Battery Park?

  This was a reason in deciding to attend the Games This wasn't a reason in deciding to attend the Games No opinion
The pipe band competitions
The Highland Dancing
The mini highland games
Free entry
The location at Battery Park
The weather
Children's entertainment (eg rides)
The heavy events
Field of sport
Other events happening in Gourock over the weekend

* 8. Are there any additional activities or events you would like to see at future Gourock Highland Games?

* 9. Did you attend or take part in any other activities during the Gourock Highland Games weekend?

  Yes No
Go-Rock music festival
Gourock Outdoor Pool
Bookbug/crafting sessions in Gourock library (Saturday)
#BrawGourock events including treasure hunt, family ceilidh and music performances in the town centre
Gourock Heritage Centre open day

* 10. Did you attend any other events in Inverclyde during the weekend of the Gourock Highland Games?

* 11. How would you rate the quality of the food & drink offering at the Gourock Highland Games event?

* 12. How much do you estimate you spent on each of these at Gourock Highland Games

  £0-£10 £11-£20 £21-£30 £31-£40 More than £40
Food and drink
Crafts and gifts

* 13. If you could change one thing about the Gourock Highland Games, what would it be?

* 14. Where do you normally live?

* 15. How many people, including yourself, were in your immediate party (i.e. your group of friends and/or relatives)?

* 16. Would you like to find out more about events or offers in Inverclyde?

Thank you for taking part in our survey.