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The Get Ireland Cycling (GIC) initiative, endorsed by Cycling Ireland, Healthy Ireland, and Sport Ireland, is focused on promoting and increasing participation in cycling across the country. Its primary goal is to encourage more people to cycle and ensure their continued engagement in the activity.

By collaborating with various partners, the GIC initiative aims to introduce cycling to sectors of the community that are currently underrepresented in the activity. Additionally, it aims to support lifelong participation for individuals who are already involved in cycling.

The GIC initiative encompasses all forms of cycling, including recreational and competitive cycling, as well as cycling for transportation purposes. It seeks to identify and remove barriers to participation by consulting with both cyclists and non-cyclists, as well as engaging with a wide range of partner organizations and interest groups. Through these efforts, the GIC initiative strives to foster greater diversity and inclusivity within the cycling community in Ireland.

This survey will help inform the Get Ireland Cycling Strategy; the information you give is greatly appreciated.

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* 1. Which category includes your age?

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* 4. How many children do you have?

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* 5. Do you have a long-term illness or disability which limits your daily activities?

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* 6. Overall how would you describe your level of physical activity? Choose one of the below that best describes how active you are in a normal week. 

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* 7. How long is it since you last rode a bike?