Welcome to our survey!

This survey is bought to you by Thrive in collaboration with the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens, Care Farming UK, People & Animals, Sustain and Garden Organic. We are working together as members of the Green Care Coalition, to understand more about the current use of gardening & horticulture-related activities for health and wellbeing.

Health and Social Care commissioners are becomingly increasingly interested in the benefits of nature-based health and wellbeing services. The Green Care Coalition is actively seeking to promote these services so that they are more widely used and understood. To do this we need your input.

The results from this survey will enable us to demonstrate the scale of services nationwide, along with how they are being used to tackle some of the major health and social issues in our country.

You can find out more about the Green Care Coalition here.

Completing the survey
The survey is split into four sections. We'll ask you to tell us about the places you work, the people you work with, the kind of activities you do, and about your organisation. 

Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, you'll have the option to make a comment or you can just skip that question but the more information we can gather, the more complete and compelling the evidence will be.

All responses to the survey will be treated in the strictest confidence and information will not be reported or published in such a way that individual respondents can be identified. The data will be used by the partner organisations for the purposes of improving our understanding of the use of gardening/horticultural activities for health and wellbeing; the overall results of the survey will be reported and shared widely to promote greater use and of these activities.

We appreciate that gardening & horticulture-related health and wellbeing activities comes in lots of different forms and people use a variety of terms to refer to what they do. In this survey we'll use the term "organisation" to refer to your company/group that delivers the therapeutic activities; "participants" to refer to the people who attend your activities and "gardening/ horticultural-related activities" to refer to the things you deliver.

Thanks for your help!

If you have any questions or if you'd would prefer to complete a paper version of this survey, please get in touch at the email below

Trish Matthews