Welcome to Galop’s Survey. Thank you for your interest in taking part.

If you find it difficult to access this survey for any reason or need help to fill it in, please contact us at survey@galop.org.uk and we will try to help.

This survey is part of a three-year research project led by Galop, looking at the impact of sexual violence on LGBT+ people across the country and what needs to change to ensure LGBT+ people get the support they want.

Galop is the UK’s LGBT+ anti-violence organisation (galop.org.uk). We have provided specialist support to LGBT+ survivors of sexual violence for over 15 years. Our work is based on empowerment, community and an understanding of trauma and the impact for LGBT+ people.

There has been no comprehensive research into LGBT+ people’s experience of sexual violence and so at a national level we can guess what the picture is but don’t know for sure. We hope, if you are an LGBT+ survivor of sexual violence, that you might help us hear the voices of LGBT+ people by filling in this survey.

Survivor Voices
LGBT+ survivors are involved at every stage of this research: helping us develop this survey, filling it in, taking part in individual interviews or group meetings across the country, providing expert insight at every stage of the project, helping shape and share the findings. If you would like to be part of this, please let us have your details at the end of the survey or by email.

Taking care…
We have given a lot of thought to the questions in this survey. As a service, we are led by the needs of the survivors we work with and would not normally ask questions like this. But this survey is our one chance to get a clear picture of LGBT+ people’s experiences.

However, we know that filling in the survey will not be easy and doing so may bring up difficult thoughts and feelings. We want to support you, so we have put together some support resources and encourage you to take a look: galop.org.uk/sexualviolence. You can also email us at survey@galop.org.uk or contact us online at galop.org.uk/report if you need to speak to someone.

We estimate that the survey will take you about 25 minutes to complete. If you accept cookies, then you should have the option of taking a break and returning to it if that works better for you.
Questions with an asterisk* require an answer to be able to continue but you can choose to skip other questions. The more information
Do you have a question about the survey? Below are answers to some questions. You can email us at survey@galop.org.uk if you have a question that isn’t answered here.

When does the survey end?

The survey is open until 30th April 2020.

Who can fill it in?
Anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, asexual, pansexual, heterosexual (if you’re trans), male, female, non-binary, genderqueer, trans – or feel the ‘LGBT+’ label fits you – then we want to hear from you. You need to be aged 16 or over now (however old you were when you experienced sexual violence) and currently live in the UK.

If you are aged 19 or under and need help now, contact Childline (0800 1111/ childline.org.uk) or speak to a trusted adult. You do not have to keep quiet if someone is hurting you.

Does it matter if I have never told anyone?
We want to hear from everyone. Many people who experience sexual violence do not tell anyone, or wait a long time to tell someone. If this is you, we want to hear from you. You have important things to tell us about why you have not felt able to tell anyone.

What do you mean by ‘sexual violence’?
This is a term that includes a range of things that happen when you did not want them to or did not give your consent. We include sexual abuse in childhood and sexual assault as an adult. We also include sexualised abuse that happens online or involves sharing pictures and also sexual harassment. The word ‘violence’ can be off-putting and it may not be the word you would chose. We use ‘sexual violence’ as an umbrella term to mean any sexualised activity that happened without your free consent. There is more about consent here.

Is the survey anonymous?
Yes. We cannot collect any identifying details about you from the survey. If you give us your contact details, they will be separated from your survey answers. We are very strict about confidentiality and anonymity. If you at all worried by this, email us your contact details separately.

How will you use my answers?
We will combine everyone's answers to look for overall patterns in experiences. Anything you write in the free text boxes helps us to hear your voice and we welcome that. Once the survey closes we will report on the overall findings, taking care that no individuals can be identified. We might quote some of these words when we write our report but we will do so with sensitivity and care. Honouring and respecting your lived experience is very important to us. We will not link your words with any information that might identify you.

How do you store the data?
All data will be stored securely in compliance with data protection regulations. After the report has been completed, all survey responses will be safely destroyed.

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