Register to Attend

We invite you to REGISTER to attend one of the initial set of three UK workshop describing and illustrating use of the upcoming Gaia Data Release 1 (Gaia DR1).

The workshops (each limited to a maximum of 30 attendees) will cover the following aspects:

What data is released in the Gaia DR1?
How to access the Gaia DR1 data through the ESA Gaia Archive.
Description of additional features available at partner Gaia Data Centres (e.g. CDS). 
Use of specific VO enabled tools (e.g. TopCat, Aladin) to analyse the Gaia-DR1 data. 
Tutorials demonstrating specific scientific use cases (including those provided by the workshop attendees).

There will be three one day workshops: in Cambridge, Bristol and Edinburgh. 

*Please complete this form by FRIDAY 21st OCTOBER 2016 for the Bristol Workshop and FRIDAY 28th OCTOBER 2016 for the Edinburgh Workshop* (registration for the Cambridge Workshop is now closed). 

Those who already have pre-registered will have priority when allocating places. 

More information can be found on the UK Gaia workshop pages at

*NOTE*: You can go back to this page at and print out your registration page (even after completing the registration). 

* 1. Please add your Contact Details

* 2. Please indicate if you are a PhD student or an early stage postdoc.

* 3. Please indicate which workshop you will attend.

* 4. Bringing your own laptop. The 'hands-on' session will require access to a computer. Ideally all attendees will bring their own device. 

* 5. Please list a science data access case that you would be interested in exploring during the hands-on session of the workshop. 

* 6. Do you have any dietary constraints?

* 7. Any additional comments?