What the survey is about

Gabapentinoids such as gabapentin, pregabalin and enacarbil (gabapentin prodrug) are increasingly being used to treat acute operative pain. Their use is well-known in the management of chronic pain syndromes, however there is uncertainty about the correct dosage and timing (pre- vs post-operative) of gabapentinoids in the acute pain setting.

We are conducting a survey to describe current UK practice regarding the use of these drugs for perioperative pain management. The survey will form part of a larger research project attempting to ascertain optimal dosing and timing of gabapentinoids for acute pain. Your responses will remain anonymous and will not be linked to your name or made known to anyone in your department. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

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If you would like further information about the survey or have any questions please contact:
Dr Nilesh Chauhan
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Lead for Adult Acute Pain Services
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust
Email: Nilesh.Chauhan@uhbristol.nhs.uk
Dr Mark Eveleigh
Anaesthetic Specialty Trainee, Health Education England (HEE) South West
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust
Email: moeveleigh@gmail.com

Your participation is greatly appreciated.