* 1. As a parent are you aware that schools and educational establishment are required to have a Governing Body?

* 2. As a Parent do you understand what the role of the Governing Body is?

* 3. As a parent do you think that the school explains the role of the governing body to you enough?

* 4. As a parent do you think that the government make you aware of the importance a governing body is to the school?

* 5. As a parent would you like to know more about the role and importance the governing body has at the school?

* 6. With the current proposal in mind that all schools will become Academies in the near future, Do you think that the current School Governance system is adequate?

* 7. Lastly as a parent , How important is School Governance to you?

  Not very Important It has some Importance to me It is very Important to me
Importance of School Governance