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* 1. Do you agree or disagree that the following factors are impacting your decisions for introducing Electric Vehicles?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Disagree or Agree Agree Strongly Agree
The limited availability of charge infrastructure in the UK
The time it takes to charge electric vehicles
The limited mileage range (e.g. 140-240 miles)
The infancy of electric vehicles
Not having enough information and knowledge of ownership costs
Not having the opportunity to do real world tests
Not enough EV choice / manufacturer supply 

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* 2. What payment method would you use if you had to pay for electric charge? Please choose Yes or No.

  Yes No
PAYG top up
Monthly Subscription
Credit/Debit card
Contactless Payment

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* 3. Thinking about the fuel type of your next vehicle(s), which of the following are you most likely to lease/purchase next?

  Most Unlikely Somewhat Unlikely Neither Somewhat Likely Most Likely

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* 4. Thinking about your next vehicle(s), what financing methods are you considering?

  Yes No
Business Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire
Hire Purchase 
Personal Contract Purchase
Vehicle Subscription
Outright Purchase

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* 5. If you or your business would like more information about future mobility solutions such as EV grants, Car Subscription or Short Term Leasing then please provide your details below.

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