We want you to get the best, most effective, hospital care when you need it, with greater support at home and in the local community for people who no longer need hospital treatment. This means providing some of our hospital services in Kent and Medway in different ways in future to deliver your care and treatment in the best way possible. We would like to get your views on how decisions are made for future changes.

Having your say

At the listening events earlier this year, we shared how proposals for future hospital services will be decided upon, using an agreed set of criteria – fixed points, hurdle and evaluation criteria (see diagram below).

These are applied to a long list of options to help reach a short list showing which services could be provided where.

Your feedback has already shaped these criteria, with the Kent and Medway Road Network being added to the fixed points, and re-ordering the hurdle criteria to reflect your priorities.

We want your feedback on the evaluation criteria - the lat filter in the funnel diagram - which helps to decide the shortlist of options to take to public consultation. You can read the draft evaluation criteria on the next page. Once you have read them, we would like you to answer two questions. Thank you for your time.

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