Share your views with BASW England

Following engagement with the sector BASW is now consulting on the proposed revisions to the Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS). We welcome your comments and direct engagement in shaping the revisions to PEPS future by completing the consultation questionnaire (to be read in conjunction with the PEPS refresh). Your feedback really matters and will shape and inform good practice standards and revisions to PEPS.

Please read the attached draft refresh of PEPS in conjunction with this consultation document. BASW is currently hosting a National Steering Group on PEPS and following an initial survey with the sector we are now conducting a consultation with members and stakeholders about the refresh of the PEPS standards.

Following the refresh of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) in June 2018, the PEPS Refresh Steering Group produced a draft refresh of the PEPS guidance aligning it with the PCF and Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) for Child and Family Practice Supervisors (DoE, March 2018).  The most recent PEPS refresh document also references post-qualifying standards for Social Work Practice Supervisors in Adult Social Care (DHSC) following its publication in December 2018.

In November 2018, BASW hosted two closed webinar sessions, chaired by members of the PEPS refresh steering group.  Participants were BASW members who were working in the field of social work practice education or had direct experience of working within the framework of PEPS.  The feedback from these webinars shaped revisions to the PEPS refresh document, which was shared at a National Stakeholder Meeting.

The PEPS National Stakeholder Group includes staff and member representatives from BASW England, the Department of Education (DoE), Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), National Organisation for Practice Teaching (NOPT), Principal Social Workers (PSW), Social Work England (SWE), Practice Educators and Workforce Development leads from Local Authorities.

The purpose of the National Stakeholder group is to ascertain the views from the sector on the PEPS refresh document and to shape and inform the refresh guidance document and phased implementation of new standards.   

If you have any queries or would like to discuss further please contact BASW England Professional Officer Keri O'Riordan.