Preston Primary E-Safety

* 1. Which year group is your child in?

* 2. Does your child use the internet at home?

* 3. If yes, which devices does your child use (Tick all appropriate)

* 4. Do you know how to use the privacy settings on these devices?

* 5. During the week, how long does your child spend on the Internet (in hours) each day?

* 6. During the weekend, how long does your child spend on the Internet (in hours) each day?

* 7. Do you discuss safe Internet use with your child?

* 8. Do you discuss and set Internet rules?

* 9. Does your child use social networking ie Facebook, Twitter, online chat?

* 10. Do you use social networking?

* 11. Do you use any filtering or monitoring software on any of your child's devices?

* 12. If you said yes to Q 11, what do you use?

* 13. The following is a small list of e safety risks. If asked by your child, would you be able to explain clearly what they are?

  Yes No A little bit
Identity theft

* 14. If your child has a concern about anything online, does he/ she know how to report it?

* 15. Would you like advice on any of the above?

* 16. If yes, what would you like advice on?

* 17. If you would like to add any further comments, please feel free below.

Thank you for completing this survey; the information you have given will be kept confidential.