Introduction and Part 1 - receiving supervision as a supervisor

This is a survey for supervisors.  In it, members of the Global Supervisors' Network are examining supervision of supervision within coaching and mentoring.  In discussing and researching this subject through the Network we realized that this is an area that has had little research completed to date.  We hope to provide some baseline data that will happen us to understand this area of supervision and make recommendations related to training, practice and impact.  The research explores differences and similarities between supervision of practitioners, and supervision of supervision. We also consider the skills and challenges of providing & receiving supervision of supervision. Additionally, by the very broad global scope of this research, we test cultural and geographical influences on practice. 

There are two main sections.  The first focuses on your supervision practice when directly supervising coaches and mentors, and also when you receive supervision as a supervisor of coaches and mentors.  The second section (Q23 onwards) relates to your role in providing supervision for supervisors of coaches and mentors, if applicable.

Your responses will be treated confidentially and collated with other replies, unless you agree to being named.  This permission will be sought in the questionnaire.  Otherwise the responses will be aggregated and widely shared within our profession through articles and presentations at conferences. 

If you have any questions please contact:
Dr Michel Moral or
Eve Turner

With many thanks to members of the Global Supervisors' Network working group on supervision of supervision, in particular Damian Goldvarg, Fiona Adamson, Jo Birch, Julia Menaul and Lise Lewis for their contributions to the questionnaire.

Thank you very much for taking part.

Eve and Michel

* 1. In this question we want to establish the kind of supervision work you do.  Are you

* 2. As a supervisor of coaches and mentors, how many years have you been supervising?

* 3. In what settings do you work as a supervisor?  Here we are trying to determine how many supervisors are working with internal coaches and mentors inside organizations, how many work only outside organziations and how many do both types of supervision.

* 4. Do you consider yourself to be primarily

* 5. As a supervisor of coaches and mentors, have you had training in supervision?

* 6. If you have had supervisor training, please can you indicate the number of days of training, including face-to-face and remote training and the writing of assignments and reflection logs/diaries but excluding practice and peer group supervision?

* 7. If you have not had supervisor training, please can you indicate the reasons.

* 8. If you have not had supervisor training, please can you indicate whether you plan to do so in the future.

* 9. As a supervisor of coaches and mentors, do you undertake specific continuous personal and professional development for your supervision practice?  If so please indicate how much you do each year - this could be reading, attending webinars, attending programmes etc.

* 10. As a supervisor please indicate the type of continuous personal and professional development you do each year.

  Yes mainly Yes some None
Reading about coaching, mentoring and/or supervision
Reading about leadership
Reading about psychology, therapy, counselling and/or philosophy
Attending webinars
Attending training programmes
Attending conferences and other events
No, I do not do development at all

* 11. As a supervisor of coaches and mentors, do you hold accreditation from a professional body in supervision?

* 12. I hold accreditation/certification as a supervisor from the following professional body (bodies) and/or my training body.

* 13. As a supervisor of coaches and mentors, are you supervised specifically on your supervision practice?  This may be through spending specific time with your supervisor on your supervisees as well as on your coachees or mentees, or through having a separate supervisory relationship to discuss your work with supervisees.

* 14. If you have supervision of your supervision practice, are coaching/mentoring issues and supervision issues dealt with in the same sessions, or in separate sessions?