Healthwatch Lancashire are looking for details about access to dentistry and would like you to spend a couple of minutes answering this short survey.

* Which town do you live in?

* Are your teeth and your dental health important to you?

* Are you:

* Do you want to be registered with an NHS dentist if you are not already?

* If not, why?

* When do you want to go to a dentist? (Tick only one)

* Where would you prefer to have your dental care? (tick all that apply)

* When is best for you to visit the dentist? (Tick all that apply)

* Have you ever had to visit different dentist for specialist treatment? This may be within a hospital or another dental service other than your own.

* If yes, how was your experience of being referred to another dentist for specialist care or an operation

* What has your experience of using dental services been like?

* Could your experience of visiting dentists be better? If so, how?