Purpose of the Survey?

Dear Colleague
We all work to good relations indicators developed to measure progress of the Together: Building a United Community Strategy (T:BUC).  The T:BUC strategy identifies four strategic priorities and then a number of aims and indicators to measure whether or not those aims are being achieved.
These priorities and indicators are referenced further in the survey.
We want to find out how well these indicators help us all make the difference that we all are working toward, whether there are improvements or changes that can be made, and whether there are new ideas that can make things even better.
We would appreciate you answering the questions openly and honestly - the survey is entirely in confidence. 

It is really important to measure and assess the work that we do, so that we can improve the services offered, assess whether or not we are making a difference, and review and refine what we are doing. 
The results of this survey and other aspects of the work we are doing will be shared at a conference in Spring 2020 to stimulate debate and reflect on indicators and outcomes.
Thanks in anticipation of your help.
if you want to contact us to discuss please do so - the number and email addresses are provided below.
Yours sincerely
Lisa Anderson
Catherine Pollock
Tel: 028 7126 4132
This research project is funded by the Community Relations Council and hopes to stimulate discussion about the importance of measuring activities and their impact, and how best we can do it moving forward.
14% of survey complete.