* 1. Which BDS conferences have you attended?

* 2. If you haven't attended a BDS conference why not?

* 3. The responses to the questionnaire sent out after the Lancaster 2016 Conference indicated that many respondents questioned the technical value of the site visits especially if extended travel times were necessary to reach certain sites. The organising committee for Swansea 2018 are proposing a revised format to the next conference that will provide an element of choice on both Thursday and Friday afternoon sessions.

The proposed format is as follows:

Wednesday afternoon / evening: Registration

Thursday am: Presentation of Technical Papers (same format as previous conferences)
Thursday pm: Technical Session or Site Visit

Friday am: Presentation of Technical Papers (same format as previous conferences)
Friday pm: Technical Session or Site Visit

Saturday am: Presentation of Technical Papers (same format as previous conferences). 
Saturday lunch: Conference ends

It is envisaged that both Thursday & Friday afternoons will consist of various technical sessions which delegates can select during the pre-conference registration process. The sessions will focus on a wide range of reservoir topics and will involve varying degrees of interaction, for example structured workshops after an introductory presentation, discussions forums or practical training sessions. 
It is proposed that delegates will select two sessions on both Thursday and Friday afternoons. Some of the popular sessions will be repeated to ensure that, where possible, delegates are able to attend all their preferred sessions. Site visit(s) will still be available for those that would benefit from site experience. However, the range of site visits is likely to be less than previous conferences. An afternoon site visit will also run over two technical sessions.

Would you support this change in conference format?

* 4. The conference organising committee are looking into alternatives for the quiz night held on Friday night. We would like to create an event that keeps as many delegates together and allows them to socialise and network plus have some fun.
Please could you indicate or suggest your preferred activity:

* 5. In previous conferences the proceedings have been provided in a hardcover book to all delegates. If you are likely to attend the Swansea 2018 conference how would you like to receive your copy of the proceedings?  (At the time of booking the cost of the conference may be reduced for those selecting electronic options).   

* 6. Are you a British Dam Society Member?