The GREAT Project is a collaborative initiative which aims to work with regenerative farmers and growers in Gloucestershire to cultivate great people, good food and thriving businesses.
Regenerative Agriculture can be defined as being based on five principles: don't disturb the soil, keep the soil surface covered, keep living roots in the soil, grow a diverse range of crops and integrate grazing livestock in to the system.  
Additionally, regenerative agriculture contributes significantly to the restoration of damaged soils, including carbon capture, and supporting the reversal of other negative climate change impacts. It is therefore seen as the most effective approach to long-term farming practices and underpins the GREAT Project.

Your input, through this survey, will greatly assist in setting the benchmark of the project and then providing a record of impact. Even if you are not interested in regenerative farming, or your holding is not in Gloucestershire, your feedback is still incredibly valuable to us. We'd love to hear from UK based farmers and growers and we really appreciate you taking time (approx 15 mins) to complete this survey. Thank you.