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Focus on Forestry First Ltd. (FFF) is applying for funding to provide a range of services that can help businesses within the trees and timber sector in Wales. This survey will help FFF find out more about your needs.

Between 2010 and 2015 Focus on Forestry First was funded to support the trees and timber sector in Wales. Over £1.6 million of funding towards skills training and knowledge transfer (KT) was secured.

That helped

·         425 Businesses

·         2891 trainees

·          who attended 1983 courses

·         and 163 KT events

The independent project evaluation estimated nearly 600 full time equivalent jobs had been created or safeguarded by participation in the project.

Forestry in all its forms has a very significant role in Wales and it contributes over £450 million into the Welsh economy. We are gathering this information to inform a similar funding bid, which, if successful should be delivered from 2017 and provide you with the extra skills and knowledge to maintain and develop your employability either as an individual or as a business seeking and retaining contracts, as well as growing in size and range and quality of skills.  Please give us as much information as you can, and do pass this link to other colleagues or interested parties.