We’d like your views on the proposals for future governance arrangements of Greenham Parish. We'd also like to know if you have any alternative proposals, and your reasons for suggesting them.

This survey is the result of a written request submitted by Greenham Parish Council (GPC) to West Berkshire Council (WBC), to conduct a Community Governance Review (CGR) of their parish ward boundaries, as well as the governance arrangements.

Currently Greenham Parish is made up of two parish wards, Common ward forming the largest part of the parish, east of the A339, and the Sandleford ward to the west of the A339.

A CGR is a legal process whereby the local authority (in this case WBC) will consult with those living in the area, and other interested parties e.g. businesses, local churches, on the most suitable ways of representing the people in the parishes identified in the CGR. This means making sure that those living in the area, and other interested groups, have a say in how their local communities are represented.

Subsequent to the approval by the West Berkshire Councillors of this CGR, the proposed development within Sandleford Ward for 1000 plus residential units, was approved at appeal by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities. This decision may be subject to further appeal or amendment.

There are no known land and property asset transfers arising out of any of the proposals, but there may be electoral consequences.
The survey should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete, and is open until midnight on Monday, 4 July 2022.
Should you require any further information regarding the review, please contact Clare Ockwell - Electoral Services and Land Charges Manager or Anita Stanbury - Project Manager Digital Democracy at GPCParishReview@westberks.gov.uk or on 01635 551111.
Any personal information you choose to provide will be kept confidential and used in accordance with our privacy notice.
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