Newington Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire 2016

Question Title

The Newington Neighbourhood Plan is about bringing the local community together to produce a vision for the area and planning policies for the next 15 years. The designated area for the plan is illustrated in the map above. The next stage of the plan is a community wide consultation process to find out how the people that live and work in the area wish it to be developed.
The plan will involve the whole community and provide a means of inspiring people to come together to make a real positive difference to our community.
As well as empowering the local community we envisage that the plan will produce real tangible benefits such as improving the urban design of the area, making green spaces more suitable for community use, reviving trade, stimulating local organisations to work in partnership and in creating new community enterprises. The plan may determine planning applications and grant planning permission through Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders for specific developments. Though the plan does not directly draw down any funding it will provide a basis for procuring and determining resource priorities for the area and in establishing clear evidence of need for major funding initiatives.
Please tell us what YOU think about the Newington area by completing the following questionnaire.