The Consultation Draft of the International <IR> Framework is open for comment for 90 days. A Companion Document provides the rationale for each class of changes (see Part II - Basis for Conclusions). The Companion Document also summarizes market feedback received during the IIRC's February - March 2020 focused engagement period (see Part III - Results of focused engagement).

Both documents are available to download at

The consultation is structured along three lines:

• Testing <IR> Framework revisions

• Charting a path forward

• Open feedback

Please be advised that all other forms of submission – including responses received by mail, email or email attachment – are unable to be processed. Only submissions in English will be considered by the <IR> Framework Panel.

All comments received will be considered a matter of public record and will be posted on the IIRC’s website after the closing date. A summary of feedback received will also be posted at a later date.

Deadline: Wed 19 August 2020 (23:59 GMT)

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