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Powys County Council has a statutory duty to prepare and publish a Public Toilets Strategy by May 31st 2019.

Definition:  a public toilet is a facility that the public can use that may be in public or private ownership, within a variety of premises and which does not require the user to be a customer or make a purchase.
To date we have been contacting providers and mapping out the current provision and speaking to various groups of residents around their needs.   We have now produced our draft strategy and would like your views on the approach and the actions listed within it.  The Welsh Government will be collating all the information about the provision in Powys and will produce a digital map and app to help ensure that anyone living or visiting Wales can find out where the nearest public toilets are at the touch of a button.

There is unfortunately, no budget from the Welsh Government to create or improve the provision of public toilets but we have listed over 20 actions that we feel we can take in collaboration with other organisations/town councils.
Please give your views by midnight on Easter Monday 22 April 2019.

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* 1. Data Accuracy. 

We would like to publish a strategy that contains the most accurate picture of public toilet provision in the county.  However we do have a number of gaps in the data we've collected.  E.g. We may have been told the location of a public toilet but not if there are baby changing facilities available. 

Please refer to pages 13 - 20 in the strategy and have a look at the table of provision.  We'd like to know:
  • Is anything we've listed wrong/inaccurate?
  • Do you have any additional information about the toilets listed - in particular around the types of provision?
  • Are there any publicly accessible toilets we do not know about? 
Please note the following which will help us update this draft strategy.
1) We have not included supermarkets in our list but know they are often used by residents/visitors. If a supermarket responds to say they are happy to be included we will add them in, but we are not looking for details around any supermarket toilets. 
2) If you are a provider of a public toilet in Powys and want to be included in the strategy please complete Label 3 (Additional toilets not listed) and also contact details.  (The name or your organisation, email and telephone would be helpful in case we need to contact you)
3) Please state the name, location and town where the toilets you are referring to are situated so we can amend/add to our data. 

Thank you.

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* 2. The Strategy and Actions.  

We have listed 22 actions in our strategy. Please refer to pages 22  - 26 of the strategy to read the actions and then let us know your view on the following statements.  You can agree or disagree.

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Not sure/Don't know/No opinion
I think the set of actions listed in the strategy are good overall
I think the set of actions listed are realistic and can be delivered
When implemented, I think the actions will improve public toilet provision in the county
I can see that feedback around improving Changing Place facilities in Powys has been taken on board
I can see that feedback around providing more baby changing facilities has been taken on board
Working with other organisations to improve provision should be a priority for the council

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* 3. If you would like to comment on a particular action/actions or feel an action is wrong or we've completely missed out an action that you feel should be included, please use this space to give your view/suggestion.

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* 4. Please rate the strategy overall?

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* 5. If you rated the strategy as average, poor or very poor please tell us what would improve it from your point of view. Thank you.