The Elphinstone Institute invites you to volunteer at NAFCo 2018

The NAFCo 2018 programme will be our most ambitious yet for Aberdeen, including more than 150 events, featuring over 75 artists representing a variety of fiddle traditions from Scotland to the Baltic, throughout Scandinavia and down the continent to Spain, from Ireland to Canada and USA, as well as a few surprises as well.

The beauty of NAFCo is the variety and accessibility of the events - emerging performers will share the stage, and equal billing, with internationally renowned artists; workshops will range from absolute beginner to multi-generational ensembles to masterclasses; and free performances will include ‘Random Acts of Violins’ in public spaces, acoustic recitals, and ‘in-conversation’ talks.

In order to make this event as successful as the previous conventions, we are encouraging individuals to volunteer in a variety of capacities – Venue Co-ordinators, Stewards, and Accommodation. We will need an army of volunteers on the ground over the 5 days, as well as capable hands in the coming weeks as well – helping publicise, put up posters, send out/drop off leaflets, etc.

Complimentary tickets to workshops and/or concerts will be available for our helpers. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at NAFCo 2018! 

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Please contact for further information on volunteering at NAFCo 2018.

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Please indicate which role(s) you are able to fulfill.

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* We will have a huge range of out of town gigs this time around as well, and we would appreciate assistance from people who live in these areas.

In addition to concerts and workshops on all 5 days in Aberdeen, NAFCo events will be in:

Braemar & Fraserburgh on Wednesday 11 July
Huntly & Banchory on Thursday 12 July
Arbuthnot & Haddo House on Friday 13 July
Banff/MacDuff & Garlogie on Saturday 14 July
Glenbuchat on Sunday 15 July

Please let us know in the box below if you live in or near any of these areas and give your availability from May until the festival dates.

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* If you are able to Steward or Coordinate a venue, please indicate your availability.

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* If you can offer accommodation, please tell us how many beds/spaces (in text box below) you have available and on which night(s) you can host(checklist).

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* Please provide us with your contact details.