Service User Questionnaire

A Greater Manchester hospital service review is currently taking place. There is a team involving doctors, patients and other healthcare staff from across the region working together to make the Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic Service the best it can be and to make it sustainable and affordable for the future.

The project covers acute trauma and orthopaedic services. Trauma is a sudden injury to part of the Musculoskeletal system, often as the result of an accident. Orthopaedic services include diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions affecting bones, ligaments and muscles.​ The project is not considering complex spinal surgeries, major trauma or children's services as these are covered in other projects underway. 
We would be grateful if you would consider taking part in a survey. This is to find out how you feel about the hospital based services for Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedics that you (or a friend/relative) have used in Greater Manchester and ask how you think they could be improved, which also includes pre and post operative care. Your opinion will help identify what is important to patients and what needs to be considered from a patient perspective in the design of any future services. 
Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and will not affect any services you are currently receiving. This is about you helping us to plan future services. 
It will take about ten minutes to complete the survey and is completely anonymous; we will not be able to identify you in any way, so feel free to respond honestly. You are under no obligation to complete any of the questions in this questionnaire.  
If you would like a paper version, require an alternative format/language, or have any questions about the survey please contact Usman Nawaz or Louise Parkin at the NHS Transformation Unit (0161 9670300). The survey will close at midnight Sunday 27th May 2018.
Thank you for your time and valuable contribution to this project. 

* 1. About you:

Please indicate the statement which best describes you with regards to hospital based Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic Services in Greater Manchester:

* 2. Where did you use the service?

Where in Greater Manchester have you used hospital based Musculoskeletal/Orthopeadic Services? (tick all that apply)

* 3. Why did you need to use the service?

Please provide a brief description of the reason(s) why you needed to use the hospital based Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic Services

* 4. Patient Choice:

Can you tell us if you were being considered for surgery, were you offered any of the options below prior to being admitted to hospital? (If you were not being considered for surgery please skip this question and move to question 5)

  Yes No Not sure
a) Were you offered any alternatives to surgery?
b) Did your GP discuss with you whether surgery was the right option for you?
c) Were any risks from surgery discussed with you?
d) Were you offered physiotherapy or any other support before being admitted to hospital?

* 5. If you were offered alternatives to surgery, how satisfied were you with the options provided? (please select one answer only)

* 6. How long did you have to wait for a referral from your GP to your first appointment?

* 7. To what extent were you satisfied with the time your referral took? (please tick one box)

* 8. Can you tell us as a patient or a friend/relative/carer who has used the service(s), what has influenced your choices when accessing Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic services? Please tick as many options as you wish.

* 9. Patient Experience:

What has been good about the service (s) you or your friend/relative experienced while in hospital?

* 10. Planning your aftercare support - please tell us if you had any of the following provided?

  Yes No Not sure
a) Did you have a clear plan for rehabilitation after your surgery?
b) Did your plans include support to help you live independently?
c) Was there a lead coordinator for your recovery once you had left hospital?
d) Did your recovery include any plans to support your return from work?

* 11. Planning for the future:

What aspects of the service (s) do you feel could be improved?

* 12. What is important to you for future hospital based Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic services?

* 13. Are there any further comments you would like to add?