The purpose of this survey is to help the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Advisory Panel understand the needs of local LGBTQ+ communities.
The LGBTQ+ Advisory Panel is one of seven Panels established by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), to tackle the causes of inequality in Greater Manchester and influence change in a way that best responds to the needs of marginalised communities. The purpose of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Panel is to benefit LGBTQ+ people across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester by:
  1. Championing LGBTQ+ inclusion and strengthening our voices to influence policy;
  2. Advising the Mayor and other relevant bodies on the experiences, challenges and opportunities faced by our diverse communities;
  3. Supporting the GMCA and its partner organisations to develop effective solutions for tackling inequality and discrimination affecting LGBTQ+ people.
Your response will contribute to shaping the LGBTQ+ Advisory Panel's priorities this year, and ensure they are representing you.

By completing this survey you are consenting to the information you provide being used by the GM LGBTQ+ Advisory Panel and its facilitating organisation, LGBT Foundation, to understand the issues you care about most. It will be kept confidential, and will not be shared or used for any other purpose. If you have any further questions about how your data will be used, please contact