1. GM Big Disability Survey 2022

Are you sick of filling in surveys and not seeing change? This survey is different, it is not just to gather research data. The Greater Manchester Disabled People's Panel is made up of 15 Disabled People's organisations, run by and for disabled people. We have a partnership agreement with GM Mayor Andy Burnham to influence policy to make Greater Manchester a better place to live for disabled people. This survey helps us do that, and the more disabled people fill it in, the stronger our voice for change becomes.

We are particularly looking at how disabled people are coping with the rising Cost of Living and our hopes for the future.

You don't have to answer every question. We have quite a lot of room to add comments and we love to hear what you have to say. 

We have included demographic questions to better gather information of how different communities are experiencing the cost of living crisis. However this survey does remain anonymous. The evidence this survey provides will help us tell services in Greater Manchester how to improve. So please share it widely and encourage others to fill it in, and we'd be especially delighted if you can assist (safely over the phone) people without access to the internet to answer the survey. 
Please Note: By Disabled People we mean anyone facing disabling societal barriers due to their impairments or conditions and this includes mental health, hearing or visual impairments, learning disability, neurodiverse people, and those with chronic illness or fatigue.

If you are filling the survey in on behalf of a disabled child or adult, please answer as them based upon their instructions/answers. 
Our last survey in 2020 received a lot of support from the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and the Combined Authority Research Team.  We will be having the same support this time to understand and present the results which we will share with key stakeholders.
If you have any further questions please email panel@gmcdp.com
The Deadline for completion of this survey is noon on 10th August.

Question Title

* 1. Do you identify as a disabled person?

Question Title

* 2. If you feel like disclosing (this survey is anonymous), what are your conditions/impairments/illnesses (you can tick multiple categories)?

10% of survey complete.