GLIAS Questionnaire 1

 The GLIAS Board are considering how we can increase membership, improve what GLIAS does for you its members and improve our educational role.  For more details, see our website at .  To help us in this, we would be grateful if you would complete this questionnaire. 

·         If you can’t provide an exact answer to a question, an approximation is more useful than a blank

·         If there is a question to which you don’t want to reply, please answer the others by scrolling down 

* 1. How long have you been a GLIAS member?

* 2. Are you retired?

* 3. Where did you first hear of GLIAS?

* 4. GLIAS arranged lectures earlier this year from January to May.  How many lectures did you attend in 2017?

* 5. GLIAS is arranging a total of five walks this summer.  By the end of the summer, how many walks will you have attended this year (2017)?

* 6. GLIAS published 6 newsletters in the last year.  Overall, what proportion of these newsletters did you read?

* 7. GLIAS published one journal in the last year.  Overall, what proportion of the journal did you read?

* 8. GLIAS held a pub evening last November at which members gave short, informal talks on a number of topics.  Did you attend the pub evening, and if not, why?  You can choose multiple reasons

* 9. GLIAS are considering holding an IA themed pub quiz this year.  Would you be interested in attending?

* 10. GLIAS used to arrange coach trips to places of interest outside London but the costs increased dramatically.  Would you still be interested in a day coach trip?

* 11. Would you be interested in trips outside London organised by car share?

* 12. To what other societies and organisations do you belong that relate to Industrial Archaeology or Industrial History?   Please include pressure groups and employers as appropriate.  Press "Enter" to add another organisation.

* 13. Are there other comments or observations you wish to make?  (eg what you think that the Society is doing well or where it could improve)

* 14. Thank you for completing the questionaire.  We are very happy if you wish to remain anonymous, but if you are happy to give your email address in the box below it would enable us to follow up on aspects if needed. The Society’s email policy is available at GLIAS email policy