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Would you like to be paid to take part in a citizens’ jury?

Citizens Juries CIC, a not-for-profit company, is inviting applications from members of the public to take part in an exciting project commissioned by the NHS for Gloucestershire.

If selected, you will be part of a "citizens' jury" – a cross-section of 18 adults who will meet together between 09.15 and 17.00 for five days: from 20 to 24 January 2020 in the Cheltenham Chase Hotel (situated between Gloucester and Cheltenham). The jury will be given relevant information, and work together over the five days to answer important questions about how specialist NHS hospital services should be organised between Gloucester Royal and Cheltenham Hospitals. To understand more about citizens' juries, watch the short video at More information about the topic to be considered by the jury can be found in the engagement booklet (see especially pages 14 - 24 on “Centres of Excellence”).

The recommendations of the jury will inform how NHS specialist hospital services will be organised in Gloucestershire.

Interested in taking part?

You do not need any particular skills, knowledge or experience to be a member of the citizens’ jury. No CV is required. People will be selected so that the jury comprises a cross-section of the public.
You can apply if:
  • You are 18 or over;
  • You have been a resident of Gloucestershire for at least the past year;
  • You have not worked for the NHS as a healthcare professional;
  • You are committed to hearing and fairly weighing up the evidence presented to you as part of the jury;
  • You accept that members of the public may attend and observe proceedings;
  • You can commit to all 5 days of the jury, from 20 to 24 January 2020, 09.15 to 17.00 each day.

The project promises to be interesting, informative and you will be contributing to how local hospital services will be organised. You will be paid £400 plus an allowance to cover your travelling costs for the 5 days (£50 - £120 total depending on your journey). 

Note that this citizens' jury was originally arranged for December and has been moved because of the general election.

To apply to take part in the jury, press the “Next” button below, and complete this on-line survey form by midday on Monday 2 December 2019. Please do not send an accompanying email or CV; shortlisting will be done using the online applications.

We will tell you by e-mail whether you have been accepted on the citizens' jury by Friday 20 December. If you have any specific questions about this application form or the project, please e-mail:

We explain why we collect information from you on this form as you fill it in.