Future By Subject: Helping students to make informed decisions about their future!

Project Overview
This project aims to build a website for school students who are making decisions about what subjects to study. This might be KS3 subjects in year 9, GCSE subjects in year 10, A-level subjects in year 12, or undergraduate degree subjects in year 13.

Your responses to this questionnaire will form part of a database of people from all careers and walks of life, and will then be organised by the school subject most related to your work. Students can see what types of careers are available to them based on an individual subject.

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When I was at school, nobody ever spoke to me about what jobs different subjects can lead to. This was especially the case in science and engineering, where a lot of jobs are in research, yet nobody ever tells you what research is! I want to change this.

The first time I ever spoke to somebody who was actually a scientist was when I was looking around universities in year 12, which was in my opinion far too late! I want to change this too.

I think it would be useful for young people to be able to talk to real scientists, engineers, and people from other careers, and find out the what they work on, and what their jobs are like. This is especially important in subjects like chemistry, where what you learn at school is very different to what you can do in research, and in school it might not seem as exciting/useful or relevant to life as it actually is!

I think a lot of people who would make great scientists choose to not study science further at school because they don’t know where it can take them.

THIS I want to change. But I need your help!

How your 10 minutes of time can help influence and inform the decisions of thousands of students

By filling out this questionnaire, you are adding your own profile to the website, full of the decisions you have made, the subjects you have studied, what you do for a living, and your advice to those students who wish to get to where you are today. Your 10 minutes of time will influence the decisions that thousands of students make, help others to avoid common pitfalls / mistakes, and help others to appreciate school subjects that are perhaps commonly overlooked (or even not part of the curriculum!)

Who we would especially like to hear from
We want to hear from everyone. This website will only be as good as the database that it is built on, and a breadth of subjects will only be present if people from a variety of walks of life take the time to fill out their details.

We would especially like to hear from anyone who has an interesting job, an interesting project or area of research, or anyone who has started their own company. We would like to hear from a variety people from 'commonly considered' careers such as medicine, law, accountancy, teaching, police, fire service, etc... as well as many careers that might be similar, but commonly overlooked, such as scientific research, patent law, etc!

So basically we want to hear from everyone... This is your chance to 'represent' your subject area and career to students!

We are building a careers website for school students, that is based on real people, and is organised around which school subjects most relate to a future career. We want to hear from you!

Question Title

* 1. What is your name? (use only your first name if you wish to remain anonymous)

Question Title

* 3. What GCSE subjects did you study? What AS / A-level subjects did you study? (please indicate the level, and put grades in brackets) What year did you leave school?

If you are not from the UK, please use whatever exams / subjects you took at age 16 for GCSE, and at age 18 for A-level (or the closest equivalent age).

Question Title

* 4. If you have a degree: What undergraduate degree course did you study? What university did you study at for your undergraduate? And what year did you graduate?

Question Title

* 5. If you are studying for / have completed a PhD: What was the topic (in layman's terms)?, subject?, university? and completion year?

Question Title

* 6. What is your current job title/role? What company do you work for? Briefly describe what you do in layman's terms (~1 paragraph). You can copy and paste a description from elsewhere if you have already written one! If you have had any other cool jobs, you can mention them here too! (or talk about them instead)

Question Title

* 7. What school subject(s) most relate to your current job / role / studies?

Question Title

* 8. What advice would you give to school students who are considering their subject choices or might be interested in following a similar career path?

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* 9. What is your email address? (This will be used for contact only, this WILL NOT appear on the final website!) Also please email me a picture of yourself to go with your profile to: steve@streetresearch.co.uk (please include your name!)

Question Title

* 10. DISCLAIMER: Is it ok to use the information you have entered here for the sole purpose of developing and hosting an outreach website resource that contains a database of different research areas and careers, ordered by school subject category? (the information entered here will be available on the internet for all to see).