Thank you for clicking on the link to get a Full SEO Audit on your site.

This audit will be a full audit carried out will look at the following items: -
- Technical Issues : Broken Links, Images, Pages, Mixed Content, etc
- On-Site Issues : Issues with Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Alt Text on Images, etc
- Mobile Optimisation
- Landing Page SEO
- Site Rankings
- Backlinks
- Feedback on your own site incl recommendations/suggestions

If required I can also provide feedback on Google Analytics & Google My Business.  This includes settings and feedback.  If you would like me to look at this also, please add as an Admin User

The cost of this audit is £25 and is payable in advance of the audit being carried out.  Please use this link to pay

The audit I provide is to help people understand what their website is doing, improving the Customer experience, improving ROI and bits of advice to help improve going forward

An example of the Full Detailed Audit can be found here


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As mentioned above, the cost for this audit is £25. Please use this link to pay

Note that the audit will only take place if the payment has been made

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