Careers Apprenticeship and College Fair 2018

* 1. What is you Name?

* 2. What Year are you in?

* 3. How likely is it that you would recommend Career Event to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 4. Overall, how would you rate the event?

* 5. What did you like about the event?

* 6. What did you dislike about the event?

* 7. How informative were the people giving information at the event (the Exhibitors)?

* 8. Prior to the event, how much preparation did you get for the event?

* 9. Do you you feel more informed about your future career choices as a result of the event?

* 10. Lastly, what type of events would you like to see put on in the future?  This could be trips to specific places, speakers on certain topics or job sectors, events or activities.