The requirement

We are looking to procure Health & Safety consultants to support us in our service delivery.  We anticipate that the scope would include all of our operations, including offices, contractor/consultant relationships, staff, landlord responsibilities. 

It’s important that we appoint a company that can provide us with a named individual who would be our main and consistent point of contact and be our ‘competent person’ and who would be skilled in helping teams to consider H&S as important, relevant and interesting!

The key areas are below:

H&S legal framework

Legal clarity about H&S responsibilities for us a landlord - for al tenures

Staff training - plans and delivery

Emerging themes, policy, legislation and good practice


Policy framework and support with procedures for all H&S matters

Report to H&S Committee and be present

May be required to attend a board meeting


Operational support

Link into operatives and in-house maintenance team - making sure that H&S Policies and procedures are consistent across all our activities

Ongoing queries, source of expertise and advice for all staff

Help to deliver audit recommendations

Thread across organisation linking all aspects of work for example, on team meeting agendas

Risk management

Feed into Risk Register

Provide first and second lines of defence on H&S risks

Reporting near misses and encourage open mindset

Feed into disaster recovery plans

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* 1. Please set out a little detail of how you believe you can support Golding Homes in the delivery of their health & safety requirements

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* 2. We intend to conduct engagement sessions to more fully understand how you are currently delivering services to organisations similar to ours.  Would you like to attend one of these sessions?  Please note,, we reserve the right not to invite everyone to speak with us in the event that time does not allow.  Additionally, these sessions will all be held online.

If so, please provide availability below:-

  25/08/20 27/08/20

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* 3. Please provide your contact details

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* 4. Please provide e-mail address(es) of anyone in your business who will be attending any market engagement activity invited to in order that an invitation can be issued to attendees. Please note, it is anticipated that a maximum of 3 people from your organisation should attend the meeting,