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Have your say about the services you want for Carers!

ESCC Adult Social Care commission a range of organisations to provide information, advice and support to carers. As the current contracts are ending soon, ASC want to consult with carers to help shape the services they commission for the next few years. They have asked Care for the Carers to help them consult with carers to ask them what support has helped them in their caring role and what services not currently provided would be helpful. We are arranging some meetings to consult with carers, but if you are unable to attend in person, we want to give you the chance to have your say. Any information you give will be used to write reports, but will be used anonymously.

If you would rather talk to someone on the phone, then call Grace at Care for the Carers- 01323 738390. If I am unavailable, let the receptionist know when would be a good time to call.

This survey will CLOSE on Friday 28th July

* 1. Are you looking after family or friends who are older, ill or who have a disability?

* 2. When did you first identify yourself as a carer? When did you first think of yourself as a carer, rather than simply as a husband/wife, partner, relative, friend, etc.? What caused the change in thinking?

* 3. Which people, things or services have helped you in your caring role? 

* 4. Is there anything that would help you that is not currently available? What additional services do you think would help you in your caring role?

33% of survey complete.
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