Rent Increase for 2019-2020 – Have your say!

We work hard to keep our rents low while making sure we provide a top quality service to you. Every year we need to increase the rent to cover all we spend on building, managing and maintaining your home, and to keep enough money for future improvements such as new kitchens, boilers, doors and windows. 

How much will the rent go up?

We would like to put up the rent by 2% but we have also presented two further options for 0% and 1% in this leaflet.  Your views are very important and we want to hear from you before our Board make a final decision. 

How is the rent charge changing?

We would like to change our rent charge from fortnightly to monthly so let us know what you think.  Don’t worry you can still pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly or however you’ve agreed with your Housing Officer.  The change won’t affect how you pay, it’s just to help improve our administration.

Question Title

* 1. Which rent increase option would you agree with to allow us to continue improving homes and the community?

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* 2. Do you think that your rent provides value for money?

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* 3. We are increasing the service charge for stair cleaning and garden maintenance in the flats by 2.75%.  Do you agree that a charge of £8.45 per fortnight for this service would be good value for money?

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* 4. I agree to changing the rent charge from fortnightly to monthly

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* 5. I would like someone to contact me to discuss the rent increase