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Penzance Neighbourhood Plan isn’t “all about Penzance” but covers the entire parish from Eastern Green to Mousehole. It’s named after the parish not the town!

We’ve already got good input from people living in Eastern Green, Gulval, Heamoor, Penzance, Mousehole and Paul about how they see the future of where they live.

It’s important to get your views on the future of Newlyn so that the Neighbourhood Plan can properly and fairly reflect them.  

We’ve put together some questions and statements based around some of the Plan’s main aims and from speaking to people in Newlyn. Please give us your answers and your suggestions. How would you improve the village? Tell us if you think we’ve missed something!
Newlyn is a separate community with its own distinct identity. Please say what you think makes it different and what defines it. 
The centre of Newlyn needs to be made more pedestrian/
cycle friendly and traffic hot spots identified and made safer

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* 3. Potential site?  We need your ideas! Where and why, and how would it be accessed?

Newlyn should have more and better quality places where people can sit, socialise, relax or play
It is important that people are able to have safe and easy access to the natural environment

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* 9. Cornwall Council’s Local Plan identifies Sandy Cove and land adjacent to Stable Hobba as sites for business and employment. We’d like to understand what type of business activities you’d like to see on those sites

The proposed development of the redundant Penlee Quarry would create a deepwater marina and high end residential properties
The Neighbourhood Plan supports the need to invest in both Penzance and Newlyn Harbours to maintain their status as important economic hubs in the Parish. Whilst Newlyn harbour has special development rights and doesn’t fall under the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan, we’d like to have your views on what’s most important in terms of activities/businesses supported, whether existing or new.

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* 12. To validate your questionnaire and include your answers in our survey results please provide your postcode:

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