You may nominate work in as many categories as you wish, but each nomination must be on a separate form. Please complete this form as many times as you need to. Nominations that are not submitted via the electronic form will not be considered. Please make sure that all forms have been completed by Monday 31 January 2022.
If you are unsure about which category you should enter or have any questions about the awards process please contact the Awards Coordinator at awards@gfw.co.uk.
Please note that if you enter a book in one of the book categories it will not be eligible for any other category unless:
  • it is your first cookery or food or drink book, when it will also be eligible for entry in the First Book Award category; or
  • it is self published, when it will also be eligible for entry in the Self-Published Work Award category.
We are encouraging all article-based entries to be submitted as digital files (eg PDF or JPEG) or as online links. For the book categories physical copies of the publication may be sent to the judges.