Hello and welcome to the second gender equality in the Cayman Islands survey.

This survey has been initiated by the Gender Equality Cayman (GEC) Not for Profit organisation whose aim is to develop, promote and distribute the tools that organisational leadership need to ensure equal opportunity at work. 

Your views are crucial in helping us to understand how organisations are embracing diversity & inclusion in the Cayman Islands and where efforts need to be focused. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. 

When providing feedback, please respond based on what you feel is happening within your organisation in the Cayman Islands specifically, rather than what may be happening in other regions your organisation operates in (i.e. if it's an international/ global organisation). 

Your views expressed in this survey will be treated with the strongest level of confidentiality. 

The data received from this survey will be analysed by our trusted third party supplier, Stafford Long & Partners, a specialist Communications agency based in Europe. They will provide analysis in aggregated form only - nobody within Gender Equality Cayman will be able to see individual responses, so please be as open and honest as you can in your responses.

Thank you very much for taking part in our survey and helping to create a fairer and more equal workforce in the Cayman Islands.

The Gender Equality Cayman Team