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Is your organisation at risk of fines and reputational damage due to non-compliance? Fines are hefty and no one is exempt, so make sure you are thinking about what steps you can take to get ready now.

* 1. What does GDPR stand for?

* 2. When does GDPR come into effect?

* 3. Which of these does the GDPR apply to? Tick as many as you think apply

* 4. Who does the GDPR apply to? Tick as many as you think apply

* 5. Which of these steps are recommended to prepare your organisation for the changes? Tick as many as you think apply

* 6. What is the maximum penalty for non-compliance?

* 7. Has your organisation begun to take steps towards GDPR compliance?

* 8. Have you or anyone at your organisation undertaken GDPR training?

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If you feel you could benefit from finding out more about the new regulations, try the ICO's website; or a more digestible 5-step guide from The Access Group

For information about more in depth training sessions please get in touch, or make sure you've completed your contact details above to receive further news on GDPR and upcoming training.